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Carefully read over this page for everything you need to get started as an ambassador for Kristala!

Kristala is a Dark Fantasy Action RPG currently in development by Astral Clocktower Studios for PC, Playstation, and Xbox.

You play as a magical cat warrior who must master the ancient magic of the six Sacred Kristals in order to become a Raksaka Warrior, a powerful protector of your species.

As you complete your epic Proving, you must also uncover who’s behind the terrible curse that’s suddenly transformed the creatures of Ailur into mutated, bloodthirsty beasts.

Uncover and upgrade a multitude of weapons, spells, armor sets, and additional items as you embark on your Raksaka Proving and strategically battle to restore peace to Ailur. Meet and interact with unique characters while exploring a mysterious fantasy planet overflowing with untold stories ripe for unraveling.

Check out the Kristala webpage and official Press Kit for additional information.

What if your favorite metal vocalists voiced characters in a video game?! We asked ourselves this exact question before making the Kristala x Metal Voices project a reality! Catch your favorite extreme vocalists voicing the cursed creatures, characters, and bosses in Dark Fantasy ARPG Kristala.

Check out our Metal Collab webpage for additional information. Know other vocalists who’d wanna get involved? Send ‘em this webpage to become part of the Kristala x Metal Voices project.

The Cursed Collection is the brand new, metal-inspired merch line created in celebration of the Kristala x Metal Voices project. The line showcases 11 products, each featuring your choice of our new cat or rat alternative logos.

Browse all Cursed Collection merch in the Kristala Merch Shop.

To help you get started with promotion, we’ve put together a few resources to help with getting started.

But first thing’s first - you’re gonna need some fresh Kristala swag to show off in your content. Take a minute to browse all our Cursed Collection items and select three pieces you want to promote.

When you’re ready, complete our Kristala Ambassador Merch Request survey to submit the products you’re interested in and let us know where to ship them. Don’t forget to let us know the color and logo variant you’re interested in (if applicable), as well as the size you’ll need.

We’ll cover the cost of all your items; all you have to do is show them off in at least three videos (10-30 seconds each) per month.

Once your new Cursed Collection items are received, you’ll want to record content for at least three 10-30 second videos each month. 

Don’t forget to mention your unique link/code so your audience can help you earn 15% on each sale!

You audience members can receive 15% off their first Cursed Collection purchase - plus a free Kristala wallpaper for both Desktop and Mobile - when they sign up to receive the official Kristala Newsletter.

You can (and should!) push this promotion in your content.
The landing page for this promotion is as follows:

In conjunction with the Ambassador program, we’ll also be putting ad budget behind promoting the Cursed Collection. To do so, we’ll be selecting a few of your best performing videos and putting ad spend behind them to help boost the content you create and generate even more sales.

Essentially, this is free promotion for your page/content. All we’ll need to make it happen is a special code that’s generated by TikTok for each individual video you post.

Once we have the code, we’ll use our own TikTok account to run the promotions - so you don’t have to worry about this affecting your Business account or organic analytics.


  1. ​Tap on Me to go to your personal profile page, then tap the 3 dots on the top-right corner.
  2. ​From the Settings and privacy page, tap Creator tools.
  3. ​Turn on the Ad settings toggle.
  4. Select a TikTok post to authorize.
  5. ​Tap the three dots, then tap Ad settings.
  6. ​Agree to Advertising Content Terms of Service and enable the Ad authorization toggle.
  7. ​Generate a video code
  8. ​Tap Generate Code, then select the authorization duration. Choose 365 days.
  9. ​Next, tap save and then copy Code.

You can take inspiration from the following videos. We've added a little text to each of them, to show how we imagined the video would look.

  1. Tell me you're a metalhead without telling me you're a metalhead…

    You stitch the original video and show yourself raging or recording vocals for the game while wearing your Kristala swag.

  2. If you like these games (or bands)…
    You're standing there - anywhere! - wearing your Kristala tee and you list the names of games you dig. Let folks know they're in the right place of this app

    Angle: "If you like these games/bands, you'll love this Kristala collection"

  3. Merch haul

    We send you new Kristala swag, you open it/show it off so your community knows what's REALLY goooooood

  4. Matching new merch with makeup

    Pair your new Kristala swag with some dope makeup. Can you look like a glam deathcore kitty cat?! WE WANNA SEE

  5. VIBE CHECK - looking unapproachable

    You follow the formula in this video and show off what you look like when you see someone wearing a dope shirt at a show and you wanna approach them - then show off what THEY see using your best resting bitch face. The "dope shirt" in question is obvi a Kristala shirt.

  6. Wonder what I'm gonna wear today?

    It's all about that staple black tee, amirite?! Simply use this sound and show off your favorite black metal tees! Make sure the Kristala tee makes a nice cameo ;)

  7. When your partner/friends wanna steal your sick merch

    You just bought some new Kristala merch and you're trying it on and looking all fly and shit...and then there's your partner or your best friend (maybe even your cat?) lurking in the corner and plotting when they can steal it and wear it.

  8. Not rich, just irresponsible

    You may not be rich, you may not be rollin' in the dough,'re irresponsible and you just gotta have that fresh Kristala merch! AIN'T NO SHAME IN THAT GAME, BAYBEEE

  9. Bland shirt to cool shirt

    Wear plain boring shirt, then turn around and come out with cool outfit inspired by metal collab shirt

  10. When she/he found out you bought yet another Kristala shirt

    Same style, just wearing a piece of Kristala clothing and making it seem like the person is addicted to Kristala's merch

  11. Me being good and saving money

    Same style, but instead of concerts etc... Changed to "Kristala releasing a new collection" - and scene changed to ambassador in Kristala shirt

Thank you again for joining the Kristala Ambassador family! We’re super hype to get started and can’t wait to see what kind of impact we can make, together.

Be sure to hang onto this onboarding email so that you can reference it at any time - and if you have any questions about anything included here, don’t hesitate to give us a shout at